13 Tips That Can Help You Get A Business Loan

gablIf you’ve outfitted your business about as far as you can on funds scraped together from checking-account float, birthday money, and your MasterCard, it might be time for a loan.

Maybe you’ve already asked your banker how to get a loan, and he or she has suggested that the whole process would be much easier if you put up your house as collateral, call it a home-equity loan, and forget about getting past the killer business-loan committee.

It’s true that business loans, especially for small, home-based businesses, are not easy to come by in this credit-crunch environment. But they’re worth the trouble: The sooner you start building a business credit history, the easier your borrowing will be down the road if and when you need big bucks for a major expansion. For that reason, even a small, more obtainable loan is worth pursuing.

When you start the loan-application process, your banker will probably give you the standard, but valuable, information about how to prepare a business plan. Follow those directions, but realize that it’s the inside tips your banker won’t mention that can win you the edge.


Here is a baker’s dozen …

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Eliminating the Bad Assumptions About How to Stop Snoring

People who do not understand snoring are sometimes quick to assume that people who have the disorder are disgusting. Instead of making premature judgments, the right thing they should do is to have an open mind about this medical condition. In addition, they must help the people they know to find out how to stop snoring. The disorder becomes a serious condition if it begins to affect the lives of sufferers in a lot of ways. There are cases of snoring that are easy to address depending on its origin. The best way of obtaining treatment is through medical intervention of qualified professionals.

Some individuals assume that snoring will eventually go away or fade and these assumptions are dangerous. Instead of holding on to this myth, it is more appropriate to look for the available treatments for stopping snoring. There are thousands of qualified medical experts who have studied the disorder and most of them have found the cure. Nonetheless, there are shady characters that would victimize poor sufferers by promoting false claims on how to stop snoring. To be spared from these people, patients must seek the help of credible institutions, which have …

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What Should You, As A Business, Charge?

wsyaabOf the many skills needed to stay in business, knowing how to set fees for your services is one key to successful marketing. Yet the underlying methods and issues on setting fees are too often unfamiliar to service providers, consultants, and other entrepreneurs.

Pricing plays a central role in how much (or little) you earn for the work you do, and in the psychological subtleties of your business relationships. Set prices too high, and you may lose valuable business. Lowering prices may garner you assignments and projects you’d otherwise miss. But too-low prices can also translate to working unnecessarily long hours, to earning less than you should for your efforts, and, in the worst case, to earning less than you need to turn a profit.


There are several strategies you can use to set fees, ranging from asking for the going rates to raising your rates until clients say ouch. But the bottom line is cost-based prices–that is, fees that reflect what it costs you to be, and stay, in business. (You still may decide to negotiate different rates at times.)

Cost-based prices are relatively easy to determine. It will take you …

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Keeping Your Data Storage Safe

There are usually indications that should alert you to the fact that the storage locations for you files may be in a dangerous position. There are sounds that will signify to you that if you do not take the chance to have a proper back up for your documents then you might have to resort to the services of computer data recovery.

The first sign that you should watch out for is the presence of sounds that do not seem normal. These include sounds like clicking and scratching. When you hear these, you need to take appropriate measures to have your documents stored in other locations as well. Usually, you may notice too that the computer may shut itself down unexpectedly. This is an indication that soon, you might lose your hard drive.

drive-checkAlso, when you suspect that you might have lost some files, there is a need for you to contact an expert as soon as possible. Resorting to issues like refrigeration may just result in even more complications. Consequently, trying out some recovery methods that have not been proven to work will only make the work of computer data recovery a hard nut to crack. You may make the process even harder by trying to get to the hardware parts of the storage system.

Server data recovery comes as a result of loss of data. Data loss is one of the worst nightmares one can experience especially for the person who uses their computer all the time. In the present world, computers are a very essential part of everybody‚Äôs life, from the businessperson Read More…

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Cashflow: How To Forecast It

cfhtfiLast summer I taught an adult-education seminar entitled “Running a Home Business with Your Computer.” Some studens wanted marketing ideas, some business-development ideas, and one person even wanted to know which computer to buy. But there was one thing they all wanted to know–how to manage their finances.

“My business is growing fast and I want to get control of my finances before it gets too big,” said one woman, who sells health and nutrition products. The man who hadn’t yet bought a computer was fretting about his shoe box full of invoices and receipts. He wanted to scan them into his computer and let the microprocessor take over. “You’d laugh if you saw my accounting system,” he said.

I could identify with these voices, since I spent five years gearing up to automate my financial record-keeping before finally computerizing last January. Hearing the high lonesome cries of manual accountants wandering in a forest of paper, with guesstimates as their guides, reminded me that I’ve still got a ways to go myself.

I started using Quicken to write checks and record withdrawals and deposits for three reasons: (1) I wanted to keep more accurate records, …

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Tips to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common issue that is a major problem for many people. An occasional snoring habit is not something to be worried of but if you are snoring frequently during sleep, then you need to be conscious about it as it is a big hindrance for you to achieve a peaceful sleep at night. Now you might wonder how to stop snoring and this question has a wide range of answers, many of them at this site.

How do you stop snoring? The first thing that you should keep in mind is that snoring is not a disease condition or disorder, but it is a pathway for many other diseases as it can affect the quality of your sleep. Do always make sure that you have your dinner at least three hours before you kick off to bed. Make your bedding comfortable and sleep in the proper position, often sideways. Your body weight too can impact your habit of snoring. Take concern of your body weight and do regular exercise. If you continue to snore regularly, then you need to meet up a doctor and get advised as to how to stop snoring …

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Considerations Before Recovering Data With The Help Of A Professional Service

Many companies have found it very necessary to invest in data recovery to avoid the setbacks that come with the loss of very crucial data after their key computers crash. It is vital to have a back up or a recovery plan to avoid losses if you want to ensure that your business continues without major difficulties. Many companies that offer data recovery services are cashing in on data recovery prices and competition has been taken a notch higher by offering various unique programs to fit the target market.

To avoid being shortchanged as you seek these services it is very important to consider whether there are upfront or hidden charges, especially on the for hard drive recovery companies you find on the internet. Some companies add fees in the process even if it was not initially agreed on at the start of the contract. It is good to compare the data to be recovered to the price being charged. Some companies charge very high data recovery prices compared to the data being recovered and the size of the drive. Any additional pricing should either be that of buying a new drive to store the recovered data or the shipping fees. It is good to evaluate data recovery pricing based a number of key factors to ensure it’s affordable, and you get great value for your money.

Important Considerations

Data recovery is the process through which lost data is recovered after being damaged or deleted. The recovery is typically performed in a service laboratory or through a insurance Read More…

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Protect Your Ass (And Back!)

cpafA home office needs more than computers, printers, and modems. Furniture, especially chairs, can be one of the most important purchases we make. A chair can radically affect productivity and enjoyment of work. And a chair can have a profound effect on health, since chronic backache is such a widespread problem for desk-bound computer users.

A good chair is an investment in your back that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. So sit up and take notice. The following questions and answers will guide you in your quest to keep your weary bones comfortable and rested. After reading, sit back, relax, and turn to the chart for a sampling of models from the leading commercial office-chair manufacturers.

What should I look for in a good office chair?

Adjustability. A good chair is one you can fine-tune to fit you. The best ones adjust automatically based on the user’s weight distribution, or manually, with easy-to-reach knobs or levers. The more adjustments possible, the more expensive the chair.

The most important adjustment is the height of the chair’s seat. There are two basic ways to raise and lower a seat: the screw post and …

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Email Wins The Game

Anyone in my position gets lots of mail, and since I’ve been publishing my electronic mail addresses for a decade, I get lots of E-mail as well. The ones I dread are not the ones that wonder if my parents were married. They are the ones with something along the lines of G=Joe/S-Bloggs/ O=Clueless/A=slowmail/C= us in the header.

The X.400 markers are a sure sign that it will take longer to write the address correctly than to answer the letter, and that the chances of it getting through are so slim that I might as well not bother.

One of the reasons for Internet E-mail’s popularity is that so many useful addresses are relatively easy to remember. Once you have been told that Barack Obama is president@whitehouse. gov there’s no reason why you should ever forget it.

Well, perhaps that’s not a very useful address, but it is shorter, simpler and more memorable than the X.400 or even the snail-mail equivalent. And because of the Internet’s fast-growing popularity, X.400 addressing is doomed, as Jim Carroll explained in the last EEMA (European Electronic Messaging Association) Briefing.

X.400 networks won’t simply cease to exist, but they

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Wireless Email: What Was And What Is

E-mail on the beach. Querying a database from an airplane. Faxing from the Beemer. These concepts, both frightening and alluring, are among the promises of wireless computing.

While a lack of standards, high costs, and technology hurdles are inhibiting universal usage of wireless networks, new solutions are emerging to support wireless access to LAN-based E-mail. Third- party products that support a variety of LAN-E-mail packages are joining the vendor-specific wireless clients that companies such as Microsoft Corp., Lotus Development Corp., and Da Vinci Systems Corp. already offer for their respective E-mail offerings. According to industry analysts and vendors, this horizontal application could be the spark that ignites the wireless data-services market.

Wireless E-mail software that can access LAN-based E-mail is designed for the traveling professional who has LAN-based E-mail but does not want to maintain two mailboxes.

“If you are always wireless, then a product such as [RadioMail Corp.’s] RadioMail gives you a specific wireless mailbox so your point of contact is always wireless,” said Eldon Greenwood, director of product marketing for servers and infrastructures at Novell Inc.’s Groupware division, based in Provo, Utah. For those returning to an office with LAN E-mail,

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