What Should You, As A Business, Charge?

wsyaabOf the many skills needed to stay in business, knowing how to set fees for your services is one key to successful marketing. Yet the underlying methods and issues on setting fees are too often unfamiliar to service providers, consultants, and other entrepreneurs.

Pricing plays a central role in how much (or little) you earn for the work you do, and in the psychological subtleties of your business relationships. Set prices too high, and you may lose valuable business. Lowering prices may garner you assignments and projects you’d otherwise miss. But too-low prices can also translate to working unnecessarily long hours, to earning less than you should for your efforts, and, in the worst case, to earning less than you need to turn a profit.

According to Launchscore.com, a site that offers startup business data to fledgling entrepreneurs, pricing is a major, major factor in the success of any regionally focused business. Basically, if you don’t price it right, you could fail before you begin.


There are several strategies you can use to set fees, ranging from asking for the going rates to raising your rates until clients say ouch. But …

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Keeping Your Data Storage Safe

There are usually indications that should alert you to the fact that the storage locations for you files may be in a dangerous position. There are sounds that will signify to you that if you do not take the chance to have a proper back up for your documents then you might have to resort to the services of computer data recovery.

The first sign that you should watch out for is the presence of sounds that do not seem normal. These include sounds like clicking and scratching. When you hear these, you need to take appropriate measures to have your documents stored in other locations as well. Usually, you may notice too that the computer may shut itself down unexpectedly. This is an indication that soon, you might lose your hard drive.

A hard drive recovery service can help.Also, when you suspect that you might have lost some files, or even worse, if you have water damage on your hard drive, read this, and then contact an expert as soon as possible. Resorting to issues like refrigeration may just result in even more complications. Consequently, trying out some recovery methods that have not been proven to work will only make the work of computer data recovery a hard nut to crack. You may make the process even harder by trying to get to the hardware parts of the storage system.

Server data recovery comes as a result of loss of data. Data loss is one of the worst nightmares one can experience especially for the person who uses their computer all the time. In the present world, computers are a very essential part of everybody‚Äôs life, from the businessperson Read More…

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Have You Paid Your Home Property Taxes?

Having a home of your own comes with many benefits. You are required to pay property taxes every year as you enjoy the many benefits that come with having a roof over your head. You can learn how to file tax online to meet set deadlines. It is vital to consult a tax professional for back tax help to ensure the home remains yours. Penalties and late charges can accumulate if you do not observe set deadlines. You can call the IRS office to be advised how to pay off back taxes. It is important to be vigilant to ensure you file the right tax amount.

If you are struggling to pay your property taxes, talk to a tax professional to find out if you are eligible for a compromise. Paying your taxes in installments is possible when you request for back tax help from the IRS office. You must have a credible reason to be considered. Be careful when you approach companies that promise tax relief to avoid being swindled. Furthermore, you should never pay upfront to receive help; get in touch with a tax attorney to be advised further, if your local IRS …

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Cashflow: How To Forecast It

cfhtfiLast summer I taught an adult-education seminar entitled “Running a Home Business with Your Computer.” Some studens wanted marketing ideas, some business-development ideas, and one person even wanted to know which computer to buy. But there was one thing they all wanted to know–how to manage their finances.

“My business is growing fast and I want to get control of my finances before it gets too big,” said one woman, who sells health and nutrition products. The man who hadn’t yet bought a computer was fretting about his shoe box full of invoices and receipts. He wanted to scan them into his computer and let the microprocessor take over. “You’d laugh if you saw my accounting system,” he said.

I could identify with these voices, since I spent five years gearing up to automate my financial record-keeping before finally computerizing last January. Hearing the high lonesome cries of manual accountants wandering in a forest of paper, with guesstimates as their guides, reminded me that I’ve still got a ways to go myself.

I started using Quicken to write checks and record withdrawals and deposits for three reasons: (1) I wanted to keep more accurate records, …

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Multi-level Marketing: It Can Work, But Buyer-Beware

mlm“When my son was born, I wanted to start a home business, but nothing fit,” says Sharon Holmlund of Thurmont, Maryland. Then she read a magazine article about Shoebox to Showcase, a home-based business in which consultants teach customers to preserve their family photos using photo-safe albums and accessories. She started running her Shoebox to Showcase business part-time in April 1990. This year she hopes to earn $15,000; in five year she expects to be making $50,000 a year, while still working part-time.

Shoebox to Showcase, a program started in 1988 by Creative Memories, a marketer of archival-quality photo albums, is a low-cost way to start your own home business. (Creative Memories is a division of Webway, Inc., which has produced photo albums since the 1930s.) It’s particularly attractive to parents at home with young children because the program allows you to market and manage a business at your own pace. According to Creative Memories vice-president Susan Iida-Pederson, 98 percent of Shoebox to Showcase consultants are women, of whom 85 percent work part-time.

“The market is anyone who has been put in charge of organizing family photo albums but doesn’t know what to do,” says …

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