Tips to Stop Snoring

Snoring is a common issue that is a major problem for many people. An occasional snoring habit is not something to be worried of but if you are snoring frequently during sleep, then you need to be conscious about it as it is a big hindrance for you to achieve a peaceful sleep at night. Now you might wonder how to stop snoring and this question has a wide range of answers, many of them at this site.

How do you stop snoring? The first thing that you should keep in mind is that snoring is not a disease condition or disorder, but it is a pathway for many other diseases as it can affect the quality of your sleep. Do always make sure that you have your dinner at least three hours before you kick off to bed. Make your bedding comfortable and sleep in the proper position, often sideways. Your body weight too can impact your habit of snoring. Take concern of your body weight and do regular exercise. If you continue to snore regularly, then you need to meet up a doctor and get advised as to how to stop snoring as it can bring about feelings of lethargic, sleep apnea, fatigue and many other disorders which can affect your health badly.

People seem to take snoring lightly, at least the kind that is still tolerable to the ears. But there are cases of snoring where the sound is not only gratingly annoying, it is accompanied by what seemed like a choking sound and often followed by the person waking up temporarily. If the quality of your sleep is being affected because of your snoring, then what you have may be more than just regular snoring. It could be that you have sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is more than just habitual snoring. It is a condition where the person suffers from pauses in breathing while sleeping. Such pauses last for a few seconds to minutes, and it occurs frequently. Sleep apnea happens when the air passageway is partly or fully blocked. This condition disturbs the sleeping pattern, resulting to poor quality of life during the daytime. Many patients are not even aware that they have it; they only know that they get really sleepy during the day and cannot focus on their work or studies. A family member or roommate may be the first one to notice the disturbing signs of sleep apnea.

But even if you do not have a sleeping disorder, studies reveal that snoring can lead to stroke and premature death, so you should consult with a professional who helps find out the solution on ‘how to stop snoring.’

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  1. Connie T says:

    My husband should read this article. Very helpful tips you have written here! My husband needs to know about all this stuff. Certainly it should help us both in terms of sleeping.

    Oh, to have a solid 8 hours!

  2. Garth J says:

    peppermint herbs are great for curing snoring naturally

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