Considerations Before Recovering Data With The Help Of A Professional Service

Many companies have found it very necessary to invest in data recovery to avoid the setbacks that come with the loss of very crucial data after their key computers crash. It is vital to have a back up or a recovery plan to avoid losses if you want to ensure that your business continues without major difficulties. Many companies that offer data recovery services are cashing in on data recovery prices and competition has been taken a notch higher by offering various unique programs to fit the target market.

To avoid being shortchanged as you seek these services it is very important to consider whether there are upfront or hidden charges, especially on the for hard drive recovery companies you find on the internet. Some companies add fees in the process even if it was not initially agreed on at the start of the contract. It is good to compare the data to be recovered to the price being charged. Some companies charge very high data recovery prices compared to the data being recovered and the size of the drive. Any additional pricing should either be that of buying a new drive to store the recovered data or the shipping fees. It is good to evaluate data recovery pricing based a number of key factors to ensure it’s affordable, and you get great value for your money.

Important Considerations

Data recovery is the process through which lost data is recovered after being damaged or deleted. The recovery is typically performed in a service laboratory or through a insurance Read More…

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Protect Your Ass (And Back!)

cpafA home office needs more than computers, printers, and modems. Furniture, especially chairs, can be one of the most important purchases we make. A chair can radically affect productivity and enjoyment of work. And a chair can have a profound effect on health, since chronic backache is such a widespread problem for desk-bound computer users.

A good chair is an investment in your back that will pay dividends for the rest of your life. So sit up and take notice. The following questions and answers will guide you in your quest to keep your weary bones comfortable and rested. After reading, sit back, relax, and turn to the chart for a sampling of models from the leading commercial office-chair manufacturers.

What should I look for in a good office chair?

Adjustability. A good chair is one you can fine-tune to fit you. The best ones adjust automatically based on the user’s weight distribution, or manually, with easy-to-reach knobs or levers. The more adjustments possible, the more expensive the chair.

The most important adjustment is the height of the chair’s seat. There are two basic ways to raise and lower a seat: the screw post and …

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Email Wins The Game

Anyone in my position gets lots of mail, and since I’ve been publishing my electronic mail addresses for a decade, I get lots of E-mail as well. The ones I dread are not the ones that wonder if my parents were married. They are the ones with something along the lines of G=Joe/S-Bloggs/ O=Clueless/A=slowmail/C= us in the header.

The X.400 markers are a sure sign that it will take longer to write the address correctly than to answer the letter, and that the chances of it getting through are so slim that I might as well not bother.

One of the reasons for Internet E-mail’s popularity is that so many useful addresses are relatively easy to remember. Once you have been told that Barack Obama is [email protected] gov there’s no reason why you should ever forget it.

Well, perhaps that’s not a very useful address, but it is shorter, simpler and more memorable than the X.400 or even the snail-mail equivalent. And because of the Internet’s fast-growing popularity, X.400 addressing is doomed, as Jim Carroll explained in the last EEMA (European Electronic Messaging Association) Briefing.

X.400 networks won’t simply cease to exist, but they

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Wireless Email: What Was And What Is

E-mail on the beach. Querying a database from an airplane. Faxing from the Beemer. These concepts, both frightening and alluring, are among the promises of wireless computing.

While a lack of standards, high costs, and technology hurdles are inhibiting universal usage of wireless networks, new solutions are emerging to support wireless access to LAN-based E-mail. Third- party products that support a variety of LAN-E-mail packages are joining the vendor-specific wireless clients that companies such as Microsoft Corp., Lotus Development Corp., and Da Vinci Systems Corp. already offer for their respective E-mail offerings. According to industry analysts and vendors, this horizontal application could be the spark that ignites the wireless data-services market.

Wireless E-mail software that can access LAN-based E-mail is designed for the traveling professional who has LAN-based E-mail but does not want to maintain two mailboxes.

“If you are always wireless, then a product such as [RadioMail Corp.’s] RadioMail gives you a specific wireless mailbox so your point of contact is always wireless,” said Eldon Greenwood, director of product marketing for servers and infrastructures at Novell Inc.’s Groupware division, based in Provo, Utah. For those returning to an office with LAN E-mail,

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Hard Drive Crashes Can Hurt

Hard drive failures cause a lot of trouble for today’s working populace because almost all of their work depends on computer systems such as Macbooks, servers and laptop PCs. Just imagine a case where you are working on a prime project with a tight deadline and there are a couple of other projects also which you are working on simultaneously, and all on a sudden, there is a hard drive crash. This would be an even more terrible situation if you were not able to create any back up data. At such an impasse, the hurried system check, removal of the drives, checking this, checking that, and all such tension filled activities take away all your time, and you are already dead thinking about the deadline when you should be thinking hard drive recovery. So, the question here is whether a hard drive crash is preventable.

Though a hard drive crash is not preventable as such, you can take precautionary measures or extend the time of the crash. The primary precaution, of course, is keeping back ups and even more backups. Then, instead of having a single large capacity drive, you can install …

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Multi-level Marketing: It Can Work, But Buyer-Beware

mlm“When my son was born, I wanted to start a home business, but nothing fit,” says Sharon Holmlund of Thurmont, Maryland. Then she read a magazine article about Shoebox to Showcase, a home-based business in which consultants teach customers to preserve their family photos using photo-safe albums and accessories. She started running her Shoebox to Showcase business part-time in April 1990. This year she hopes to earn $15,000; in five year she expects to be making $50,000 a year, while still working part-time.

Shoebox to Showcase, a program started in 1988 by Creative Memories, a marketer of archival-quality photo albums, is a low-cost way to start your own home business. (Creative Memories is a division of Webway, Inc., which has produced photo albums since the 1930s.) It’s particularly attractive to parents at home with young children because the program allows you to market and manage a business at your own pace. According to Creative Memories vice-president Susan Iida-Pederson, 98 percent of Shoebox to Showcase consultants are women, of whom 85 percent work part-time.

“The market is anyone who has been put in charge of organizing family photo albums but doesn’t know what to do,” says …

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