Hard Drive Failure Issues Strike Cebit Despite New Progress

There is little doubt at all that the Internet is changing the nature of communication. Some of the change is positive, such as (he says, modestly) Datamation’s CeBIT Online effort, which will let you visit the biggest computer show in the world without trekking to Hanover, Germany. I only hope our CeBIT effort adds a bit to the huge cache of valuable information awaiting IS professionals on the Internet.

But there are some disturbing communication issues with the Internet as well, which make me worry about the decline of civilized dialogue and the troublesome condescension of some fanatics-those with e-mail access but no manners.

MINDLESS FLAMES. Our Paradigm Shift columnists Sarna and Febish thought that the truly rude flak they were taking for suggesting that OS/2 might fail even though it’s a technically superior product was caused by OS/2 itself. Perhaps it’s something in the config files (SET ATTITUDE=CHILDISH.DLL). But no, it turned out it had nothing to do with Warp. It has to do with people who spend time on line obsessing in special interest groups.

In this case, a partial quote of what Sarna and Febish actually wrote was posted followed

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13 Tips That Can Help You Get A Business Loan

gablIf you’ve outfitted your business about as far as you can on funds scraped together from checking-account float, birthday money, and your MasterCard, it might be time for a loan.

Maybe you’ve already asked your banker how to get a loan, and he or she has suggested that the whole process would be much easier if you put up your house as collateral, call it a home-equity loan, and forget about getting past the killer business-loan committee.

It’s true that business loans, especially for small, home-based businesses, are not easy to come by in this credit-crunch environment. But they’re worth the trouble: The sooner you start building a business credit history, the easier your borrowing will be down the road if and when you need big bucks for a major expansion. For that reason, even a small, more obtainable loan is worth pursuing.

When you start the loan-application process, your banker will probably give you the standard, but valuable, information about how to prepare a business plan. Follow those directions, but realize that it’s the inside tips your banker won’t mention that can win you the edge.


Here is a baker’s dozen …

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Email Wins The Game

Anyone in my position gets lots of mail, and since I’ve been publishing my electronic mail addresses for a decade, I get lots of E-mail as well. The ones I dread are not the ones that wonder if my parents were married. They are the ones with something along the lines of G=Joe/S-Bloggs/ O=Clueless/A=slowmail/C= us in the header.

The X.400 markers are a sure sign that it will take longer to write the address correctly than to answer the letter, and that the chances of it getting through are so slim that I might as well not bother.

One of the reasons for Internet E-mail’s popularity is that so many useful addresses are relatively easy to remember. Once you have been told that Barack Obama is [email protected] gov there’s no reason why you should ever forget it.

Well, perhaps that’s not a very useful address, but it is shorter, simpler and more memorable than the X.400 or even the snail-mail equivalent. And because of the Internet’s fast-growing popularity, X.400 addressing is doomed, as Jim Carroll explained in the last EEMA (European Electronic Messaging Association) Briefing.

X.400 networks won’t simply cease to exist, but they

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Wireless Email: What Was And What Is

E-mail on the beach. Querying a database from an airplane. Faxing from the Beemer. These concepts, both frightening and alluring, are among the promises of wireless computing.

While a lack of standards, high costs, and technology hurdles are inhibiting universal usage of wireless networks, new solutions are emerging to support wireless access to LAN-based E-mail. Third- party products that support a variety of LAN-E-mail packages are joining the vendor-specific wireless clients that companies such as Microsoft Corp., Lotus Development Corp., and Da Vinci Systems Corp. already offer for their respective E-mail offerings. According to industry analysts and vendors, this horizontal application could be the spark that ignites the wireless data-services market.

Wireless E-mail software that can access LAN-based E-mail is designed for the traveling professional who has LAN-based E-mail but does not want to maintain two mailboxes.

“If you are always wireless, then a product such as [RadioMail Corp.’s] RadioMail gives you a specific wireless mailbox so your point of contact is always wireless,” said Eldon Greenwood, director of product marketing for servers and infrastructures at Novell Inc.’s Groupware division, based in Provo, Utah. For those returning to an office with LAN E-mail,

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